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Anotha Killa Week

Slip into the fresh scent of ruby red strawberries with “Solid Ground” by Maps and Atlases and the Beatles inspired flute.  After all, Christmas is around the corner, and your roommate will not cease her loop of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.”  And despite the fact that there are merely another five days of school, you cannot accept the fact that the holidays are enjoyed by those surrounding you.  Until the burden of finals has fully inhibited itself from dragging you into its monstrous pits of misery, holidays do not exist.  With its build up, this song will carry you through a strong finish to calm you down and bring you to acceptance that the fall semester has ended, and you may permit yourself to enjoy winter break.

Now pull a 180 in this temperamental 40-60 degree weather, and explore the revelation of your sudden enjoyment of rap.  Of course, the lyrics of mousse-like persuasion overlap an even beat of the bell chimes.  The bell chimes of Lecrae’s “Killa” are not a study time limit, but rather a call to imagination of the period when you had time for allure.  The subtle backing choir is wrapped in lyrics concerning another euphoric place of charm and can take you on a momentary much-needed excursion with your thoughts.

And let the piano’s walking melody stroll you through a million pieces of quick thoughts when you listen to Talib Kweli’s “Cold Rain”.  This time around, enter a jazz club filled with people bobbing their heads to communal soul, lamenting colorfully of all the world’s discussions.  Think of your friends and your family when you listen to this, and the discussions you have at the dinner table with your frustrated parents.  Fly through a swirl of lyrics, like a kaleidoscope with endless morphing through a smorgasbord of ideas.  And freeze in the time continuum to a spontaneous half-cadence.

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