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Belle yelled aloud her love for him,

She cried out loud “He’s dead!”

But Adam turned human again,

And happily they wed.


The both of them were deep in love,

Their love had not diffused.

Of course the town had disapproved,

They also were confused.


How could Belle marry such a beast?

Gaston had loved her so,

But Belle had to disgrace us all,

And be a dirty hoe.


They marched and chanted, hand in hand,

Toward the house of Belle,

“A whore she is, she’ll burn in hell!”

Then locked them in a cell.


Belle was accused for awful crimes, like bestiality,

They didn’t see what Belle had seen: His personality.


Belle only wanted to be with

Her nice, young, charming prince,

The town, they wanted Belle to drown,

The beast they sought to mince.


The town folk burned them both alive,

They did the wrongful deed.

Along they burned their family,

So Belle and Beast can’t breed.

Avnika is from Palatine, Illinois and is a third year student studying Finance and IDS. Being the oldest of three, Avnika is usually busy with family but can always make time for her friends, writing, and dancing. She is a classically trained Kathak dancer of 12 years and has taught for 4. In addition to being a writer for Her Campus, Avnika is in a dance troupe, In Taal, as a Kathak dancer. She is a large advocate for women's rights, climate change, and for the disabled community. Avnika has always had a passion for writing and is excited to be able to be a part of Her Campus! Fun fact: She has a book filled with close to every joke she's ever made!
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