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9 Ways To Stay Sane With A Busy Lifestyle

Without a doubt, many of us have aa bazillion things on our ever-growing to-do list, and at times it’s hard for others (and sometimes even ourselves) to figure out whether or not we really look like actual chickens with our heads cut off. Truth be told however, in our mind we all have some kind of order in place that others may just not understand—and that’s fine—but, when the going gets tough to keep up with even our own pre-set agenda (or lack thereof), does it seem like working under the stress and pressure is in favor of, or opposition against you?

So get this, I’ve been there too; matter of fact, I’m still constantly in battle with this situation. But despite this challenge, I’ve learned a few things about how to deal with the stress of attaining and sustaining a busy lifestyle. In large, sticking it out through these stressful times has paid off in more ways that I could have imagined. The benefit of having a busy lifestyle has lead me to understand the strengths that I possess myself as a human; moreover, a deeper appreciation for “tough love” by yours truly! See below the steps that I took in order to remain as cool as a cucumber.

1. Write everything you need to do down

It has always helped me to have a large calendar with all the important dates written down. I even drew check mark boxes in my planner to make sure everything was done.

2. Eat a snack(s)

Brain food is the best food. Having a snack (or five) will not only keep you awake during your busy day, but always solve your hangry problem.

3. Call your best friend, your sister, parents, etc.

Spending a few minutes on the phone with someone who is genuinely interested in your day and wellbeing could be very motivational. The perfect pick-me-up from a familiar face could turn your whole day around.

4. Nap

Rejuvenation is key. Don’t attempt to take on a brand new day with a cranky, end-all-be-all attitude.

5. Catch up on the news and social media

Sometimes just paying attention to other aspects of lives much similar or different than your own can really help lighten the mental load of things you have to do for yourself.

6. Exercise

Getting your blood flow throughout the body will help you get through your day. Take the time to sneak in a quick walk on your lunch break. You are sure to feel a whole lot better and your willingness to finish up the rest of your day becomes easier.

7. Go shopping

Whether this is done online or in person, treat yourself! A little something for yourself to enjoy during or at the end of your day/week will put you in a better mood.

8. Be creative

Try out adult coloring books if you haven’t already. Along with their unique designs, coloring (or, just any kind of crafting) can help you stay calm even in the most hectic situations.

9. Laugh and smile

Being around people who make you do these things are just additional key and motivational pieces to getting you through your day, week, month, and year.

Monica is a lifestyle, beauty, and travel blogger for Her Campus at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is a full-time, Dean's List student studying elementary education with a concentration in English. Before joining the editorial team, she dedicated countless hours of volunteer work as the Community Service Chair for Chi Sigma Omega sorority. When she graduates, she plans to teach and volunteer in underprivileged communities overseas. Her hobbies include running, binge-watching Friends, baking, and traveling.
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