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9 Packing Tips And Tricks

If you live on campus or travel around frequently, packing is always the biggest struggle. Be it for a few days or months, knowing what to take, how much to take, and how to organize everything is a hassle. Here are some tips on how to avoid those major shampoo leaks or last minute squeeze ins.

Short Trips

1. Pack light

If you’re leaving for the weekend or just for a few days, you should always pack light. I almost always find myself packing too much, only to find I don’t need half of the things I packed.

2. Pack what you need

Prioritize your undergarments, a pair for each day, and then consider your toiletries. You obviously don’t need your entire makeup bag for the weekend trip, so try packing a sample amount in tiny bottles. I sometimes store my foundation and moisturizer in tiny cases and keep those in a ziploc bag.

3. Consider spills

Always place a clear plastic wrap over the opening of your shampoo, lotion, and anything that might spill over and cause a huge mess.

4. Plan outfits

I also pack two casual outfits, one dressy outfit, and nightwear, enough for four days I like to believe. You can always mix and match too!

5. Don’t forget comfy shoes

If you’re packing footwear, you can always wear a pair of comfortable sandals/shoes and just so your extra pair doesn’t dirty up in your suitcase, I find it helpful to place them upside down in my shower cap, that way it saves spaces too!

Long Trips

When you’re going summer vacationing or studying abroad, packing is a much more bigger issue. There’s all sorts of restrictions as to how much you can take with you, and it always seems like it’s never enough. Packing for longer trips means including your jewelry, more clothes, more fresh undergarments, more pairs of shoes, more…everything.

1. Remember your space

Always keep space in mind, so make sure you place all your undergarments stacked on top of each other. Tuck your panties inside a fresh pair of socks and tuck those inside of your shoes.

2. Stay organized

Store your jewelry in a weekly medicine box, that way your necklaces won’t get tangled or get lost in the rest of your clothes.

3. Take what you need

If you need a bigger makeup bag, make sure you only take the items you need and don’t take your entire brush set for example.

4. Keep technology with you

If you take your laptop with you, never pack it in your suitcase unless you want it to be tossed around or be subject to spills. Always have important technology in your purse or somewhere hands on because I always end up needing them on route.


Don’t let packing be as stressful as you make it out to be. Always prioritize on what you absolutely can’t live without, then go from there. If you think you might not need it, don’t take it. Practice these packing skills and you’ll have mastered the art sooner than later.

Writer, college-goer, just here to help. (UIC)
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