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8 Spongebob Memes That Are Life In College

Spongebob memes are popular on Instagram. Also, they are pretty accurate too!

Here are are 8 Spongebob memes that I know explains our college life:

1. When you’re not as prepared as you thought you were for that exam. 

2. When you completely underestimated the amount of time that 10-page paper would really take. 

3. When exam day is the only day the entire class is really there. 

4. When you’re fed up with your professor and refuse to (pity) laugh at their jokes. 

5.  When everything hits you at once. Especially at once. 3 exams in one day, at once. 

6. When you’re the last one in your seat and the first one out the door.

7.  When you’re desperate for a curve. 

8. When you’re charged for any possible thing.

Hope these memes made you laugh and end this year strong, Collegiettes!

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