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7 Thoughts While On The CTA

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UIC chapter.

Whether you are a commuter or local, we have all needed the CTA at one point. Here are some thoughts that have come to mind when riding the CTA.

1. Where is it?

The bus tracker said “2 Minutes” away 10 minutes ago.

2. Don’t fall

When the bus is so packed there isn’t enough room to hold on so every time the bus brakes you hold on to dear life.

3. Where should I sit?

Sometimes the bus or cart is empty, and you have to make the difficult decision of where to sit. Do you want to sit in the back or do you want to sit in the front? Do you want to face forward or do you want to be on the side?

4. Don’t miss my stop!

This could be the conductor driving past a stop or you being either asleep or distracted when riding the bus or train.

5. Am I going the right way?

East? West? North? South? O’hare? Forest Park?

6. Is there a reroute?

With so much construction and things going on in the street the bus sometimes takes odd turns that get you worried about whether you are on the right bus or not.

7. I’m going to be late!

There might so much traffic or the conductor likes to move slow. 

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