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7 Songs From The 2000’s That Will Never Get Old

1.Sk8r Boi / Avril Lavigne

We can never forget the song that made us all feel edgy and hardcore punk.

2.Toxic / Britney Spears

Forever and eternally a bop, Queen Britney will always be iconic.

3. Lose Yourself / Eminem

The most legendary rap of the 2000’s and the song that got everyone pumped up on game day!

4. Hollaback Girl / Gwen Stefani

We wouldn’t know how to spell “bananas” if it weren’t for this hit.

5.Gold Digger / Kanye West

Oh, how we love Kanye! This song still to this today can make any party lit,

6. Irreplaceable / Beyoncé

Going through a breakup? Irreplaceable was the go to song in 2000’s and still can make a broken heart feel more powerful,

7. Bye, Bye Bye / NSYNC

One Direction who? NSYNC is where it’s at and we’ll never forgot this love song!  

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