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7 Reasons Why We Will Miss FLOTUS

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UIC chapter.

1. Her dance moves

It is safe to say that First Lady Michelle Obama has the best moves that the White House has ever seen. She stays current with the dance crazes while still remaining classy.

2. Her words of wisdomShe gives golden advice to young people, most specifically, to girls. Having young daughters and once being a young black woman from the South Side of Chicago, she has a thing or two to share about life and success.

3. Her daily fashions You will never catch Michelle Obama slipping. She serves looks every time that you see her and will have women across the world swooning to get the look. Her looks range from well-known designers to fashion on a budget and gives lesser known designers publicity.

4. Her healthy lifestyle  The First Lady is an advocate for Let’s Move!, an initiative to get kids to be more active, as well as eat healthy school lunches. She also demonstrates the importance of healthy living with the best arms in the world!

5. Her intelligence

Mrs. Obama has proven to be one of the smartest First Ladies in American history with two degrees from Ivy League universties. This lawyer demonstartes brains and beauty.

6. Her speeches

It has already been established that FLOTUS is an intelligent woman, so it comes as no surprise that she is an excellent writer. Her speeches empower and influence millions across the world with its dignity, grace, and execution.

7.  Her love for her man

Behind every powerful man is a woman who helps him succeed in his success. It is courageous that she was able to spend 8 years of her life helping her husband’s vision come to life. Every time that she looks at her husband, it’s like their first date.


Sally Ndir is a junior studying Biological Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She enjoys eating out, shopping in the city, and fashion.
UIC Contributor.