6 Ways To Have The Perfect Valentine's Day Date At Home

The month of February reminds many of us of Valentine’s Day. The holiday where couples get to celebrate each other, which includes romance and fun activities to get the both of you closer to each other. Unfortunately, this holiday, while cute and sweet with all the lovey-dovey flowers and chocolates, it can also be expensive. But, there is some good news; it does not always have to be that way. There are multiple ways you can have a great night together without having to spend your entire paycheck on a date night.

Dinner Does Not Always Have To Be Fancy

We all like going out, but sometimes it’s better to stay in for the night. Ordering take out is just as fun, and you can enjoy a meal together in your pajamas or sweats. If you are someone who always gets the same thing off the menu, this could be an opportunity to try something different. Another option here could be that you and your date can order what you both normally get, and swap dishes to see how your taste palettes differ. You both can also cook dinner together, and make it an all-day event, making sure it is perfect with flowers, candles, the right table setting, and the perfect music.

Bath time With A Little Romance Can Go A Long Way

It’s without a doubt that Valentine’s Day is a very special date night, so both of you probably took care of how you both showered and got ready for the date. That being said, bathing is not off the table. A warm bath with lit candles spread throughout the bathroom is a comfortable setting. Adding certain light fragrances and soft music to heighten the senses and relax the body is a good idea. As a finishing touch, don’t forget the wine!

Try A Paint And Wine At Home

Set up a tarp on the floor, with two stations for the both of you to sit at and paint. Ideally, the painting surfaces would be at a level comfortable enough for both of you to sit cross-legged and comfortably reach the entire canvas. Set paint and a bottle of wine between yourselves, and paint to your heart’s content.

Complete A Project Together

Sometimes, neither one of you want to do anything romantic, which is completely normal. Instead of doing the usual Valentine routine, why not do something productive? If you two have already moved in together, tackle that laundry pile, and in the process, you’ll decide to change the bed sheets….only to mess them up again later (*wink-wink*). Or, maybe there are certain items around the house that require extra attention, like sewing buttons back onto a coat that is barely hanging on to one. Maybe the sole of your shoes that needs to be glued back together. Try reorganizing your closet and getting rid of things you both no longer wear. This may not exactly be romantic, but it doesn’t have to be all work and no play.

Bake Together

Who does not like a nice, warm, cookie? We all have a sweet tooth that has to be satisfied. Try baking a few treats for each other to have for the night and the next few days. You could do a quick and easy recipe, a no-bake recipe, or a ridiculously hard recipe that may take you hours to complete. You may make a huge mess in the kitchen, in the process, but it's all part of the fun.

A Decent Movie Night

Who doesn’t like to curl up on the couch together and have a quiet night in from time to time? If this sounds like a good idea, why not go together to a movie rental store, and pick out a few movies that you have both been aching to see, and enjoy them at the comfort of your couch? It’s a nice way to avoid long lines at the movie theater, and annoying people while trying to watch the movie. Also, you won’t get caught for showing each other some affection.

Whether you choose to do everything on this list, or just one thing to make your night special, it’s sure to be fun and relaxing.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

(Photos Courtesy of pexels.com)