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6 Tips For Writing A Cover Letter

Collegiettes, how many of you saw my last post on résumé writing? Well, I am back at it again with advice on writing a cover letter. What is a cover letter? This is not a place for you to tell your employer what is on your résumé; instead, tell them why you are interested, why you are a good fit, and seal the deal!

1. Formatting

It helps to mirror the heading on your résumé because your employer may misplace your documents, it will help them easily retrieve it, and it shows consistency. Also, refer to cover letter templates to help you get started and guide you through the layout.

2. Introduction a.k.a. grab my attention and tell me why I should continue reading

Start off with a statement of purpose. Why are you applying for this position? What position are you applying for? Why this company or employers over others? Keep it simple and straight to the point.

3. Body Paragraph 1 addresses the following questions

What makes you the ideal candidate? What can you offer to the company? Do your skills align with the company’s needs? 

4. Body Paragraph 2 backs up your previous claim with evidence

Give me an example of a time or job experience when you performed the above skills mentioned. 

5. Body Paragraph 3 reminds your reader why you are interested

Reiterate why you want this job or position. If this is an internship application, talk about what inspired you or how your passions led you to x career choice or path. 

6. Conclusion: Wrap it up and seal the deal!

This is the time to show off your website if you have one, leave two forms of contact information: email and cell phone. Thank your employer for their time and consideration; tell them you look forward to hearing back. 

Good luck collegiates, and share your cover letter writing tips with us!

Hello, everyone, my name is Shirley Toy. I am a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) with a Bachelor's in English, concentrating in Professional Writing and double minors in Spanish and Communication. I am an alum of Her Campus at UIC, where I served as a writer, Co-Campus Correspondent, and Editor-in-Chief. At the National level, I served as a Chapter Advisor for the 2017-2018 academic year. These opportunities are perfect because I get to merge my passions for writing, leadership, and technology together. Follow & Tweet me on Twitter @_shirleyst!
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