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6 Tips On Studying For Final Exams

Some of these tips may be obvious and cliché but they play a crucial role in your chances of acing the final exams.

1. Go to class

I know it is almost the end of the semester, it gets dark quickly, and you are ready to curl up in bed but this is not the time to miss class. Professors will test you on materials they lectured in class and some classes will only allow up to five absences before failing the class. Also, you paid thousands of dollars in tuition and you did not come this far for nothing. So, power through the next couple of weeks, and winter break will be here before you know it!

2. Study early

Start reviewing your class notes and textbooks, as early as, now. Do not wait until the last minute because you will have multiple finals coming up in the same week and the last thing you want to do is cram information last minute. Trust me, I have learned it the hard way. You end up doing extremely well in one class but you ran out of time to study for the other exam and did not do as well as anticipated. Study in chunks, it can be about five pages of notes per night. Also, if you have questions about anything – you have time ask your instructors for clarification. 

3. Utilize study guides

If you are given a study guide, use it and cherish it. Professors give you a study guide for a reason, they want you to be successful and know what their expectations are. This means using it to your advantage, organizing a study group, and giving it your all. Treat the study guide as though it is your physical exam. As you pivot into upper level courses, study guides are non-existent. 

4. Talk to your professors 

If you are not given a study guide, then find out from your professors what sections they will be testing you on and the format. They usually tell you on the syllabus what chapters in the textbook will be covered on the exam. Find out if they will mirror the same format as the midterm and ask for their studying tips and advice. For example, you can ask the professor or teaching assistant “what did students in the past do to pass the final exam?” or “what strategies do you suggest I should take to study actively and not passively?”

5. Sleep

Get lots of sleep the night before. Trust me collegiettes, you want to be well rested for the challenge ahead. Getting enough sleep will give you the energy to not only stay awake, but you will be more productive and power through the exam. 

6. Eat breakfast

Eat a healthy breakfast. The last thing you want is for your stomach to growl in class. Also, statistics show that students who eat breakfast tend to do better on exams. Your brain needs food, so treat yourself. 


Collegiettes, best of luck on all of your final exams. Let’s finish off the Fall semester strong and have a blast during Winter Break because you deserve it. Feel free to share your advice on studying for finals, and happy studying!  

Hello, everyone, my name is Shirley Toy. I am a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) with a Bachelor's in English, concentrating in Professional Writing and double minors in Spanish and Communication. I am an alum of Her Campus at UIC, where I served as a writer, Co-Campus Correspondent, and Editor-in-Chief. At the National level, I served as a Chapter Advisor for the 2017-2018 academic year. These opportunities are perfect because I get to merge my passions for writing, leadership, and technology together. Follow & Tweet me on Twitter @_shirleyst!
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