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6 Different Types of Semi Formal Dates

So you scored a date to semi formal, but what kind of night is ahead of you? Asking someone to semi formal can be nervewracking, so when they finally say yes you have to be prepared for any kind of night! There are plenty of different kinds of semi formal dates which may determine the outcome of the night.

1. The Silent One:

You guys talked prior to you asking him out to semi, and had high hopes for the night ahead…whomp whomp. Once you finally got to semi formal, all hopes and dreams washed down the drain. He didn’t know many other people at the event and didn’t seem like he knew you either. Some of your sorority sisters even wondered if they heard him speak at all during the night. Accompanying the silence, he wouldn’t even dance with you. Needless to say I don’t think he’s invited back next year.

2. The Dancer:

Opposite The Silent date, this guy isn’t afraid to show everybody what he is made of and get out there. From the start of the night he hasn’t stepped off the dance floor. It’s a good thing you took your pictures before arriving to semi-formal; nothing besides dancing will be occurring now. His dance moves may not be the very best you’ve seen, but you certainly can’t compete with his moves all night.

3. The Drunk:

Open bar or happiness? Being brought to a semi-formal is one of the greatest things because, #freebooze. There’s always that date each year that can’t walk straight into semi formal.  As drunk as he may be, you know you got your money’s worth from that ticket and there’s always going to be someone willing to dance with you. At least when something embarrassing happens to him in front of all of your sisters, there’s a good chance he’s not going to remember anything.

4. The Best Friend:

Boys can be so stupid, so the best semi formal is your best friend. Bringing someone you are already close with and have no romantic ties to ensures a good time without pressure. Going with your best friend provides an opportunity for hot pictures for that f**kboy and no awkward silences from a random boy. Get ready to dance the night away with your better half!

5. The One who Knows Every Sister:

You brought this kid to semi since there may be a slight chance you’re into him, but he spends the whole night talking to the rest of your sisters. He’s not talking to your sisters because he’s a f**kboy, but because he knows them all. Your semi formal is like his political campaign, he has to make sure he talks to everyone. Thankfully you won’t be spending the whole night trying to entertain him.

6. The Set Up:

Our sisters all have their own ideas on who they think we need to take to semi formal, and sometimes they get their wishes. There’s always that one sister dating someone in a frat and she tries to set sisters up with all of his brothers. It doesn’t matter if you tried to avoid the set up, your sisters are persistent about this date. This set up is what you make of it, if there’s any hope use this night to spark the start of something new!

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