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5 Ways You (Somehow) Relate To Shameless

1. Fiona NEVER has her life together.

Even when you begin to think Fiona is getting her and her sibling’s lives together, something happens. Everything is going good for an episode and then BAM, the house is on fire (not literally, but on this show, who knows!).

2. Lip might not have come from much but he’s putting himself through college. The college struggle is real, even with Lip Gallagher.

Even if you don’t relate to being raised on the South Side of Chicago, we all know what it’s like to go to college and try to balance life, school, family, friends, work, etc. Lip knows this struggle all too well, also.

3. Like Fiona and Veronica, we all have that one friend that lets you borrow anything (& everything) from them.

Fiona was using Veronica’s toaster at one point and Kevin was NOT happy with that, but what can we say– we would do anything for our bff!

4. The more you watch the show, the more you realize you might actually relate to Frank’s crazy rants.

His drunk rants seemed crazy at first, but eventually you begin appreciate and relate to them in some weird way.

5. We all have that one friend that’s wild and a lot of fun but also like a mom to everyone when it comes down to it—like Fiona.

Fiona took on the role, one she did not ask for, as the mother figure in the Gallagher household. She becomes the one person all the Gallagher kids all depended on, as well as her boyfriends throughout the show (Steve..uh Jimmy…whoever he is).

If you haven’t watched Shameless, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! It’s one of the best shows to binge on Netflix in 2017!

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