5 Ways You Can Be A Professional Lazy Girl

While it’s perfectly acceptable to show up to class in sweats and a t-shirt, that is not the case for the new internship you are aiming to get. Let’s face it, in the real world you have to actually look decent. This can be a hard feat for us, self-proclaimed lazy girls. But there are ways to be comfy while still looking professional.

1. Wear treggings

Slim-fit treggings | H&M $19.99

If you haven’t figured it out by the name, treggings is a mixture of trousers and leggings. These bottoms look like trousers but feel like leggings. So you won’t have a button digging into your stomach during your 8-hour work day.

2. Wear knit or ponte pieces

Style & Co. Knit Blazer | Macy's $39.99

Compared to the popular tweed or wool fabric, pieces that are made out of knit or ponte are way comfier and still give off the same stylish look.

3. Stay away from the high heels

Women's Irenee Two-Piece Block-Heel Sandals | Macy's $79.99

While you may think that you have to wear high heels in the workplace, there are plenty of options that will still give you the look you are aiming for. I would suggest stylish flats, oxfords, booties, or chunky, low heels.

4. Avoid the stiff pencil skirt

Jersey Pencil Skirt | H&M $17.99

You don’t have to be suffocated by the traditional stiff pencil skirt. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a flared skirt in the office. If you want the pencil skirt look, you can go for skirts made out of jersey for a more comfy fit.

5. Accessorize

Fossil Women's Georgia Sand Leather Strap Watch | Macy's $85

If you want to keep it plain with some comfy slacks and a simple button-up, give an impression with your accessories. Dress up your outfit with a wrist watch or statement necklace.