5 Videos by Vox That Will Answer Questions You Didn’t Even Know You Had

1. Why do we say OK?

Vox details the history of slang among young intellectuals in Boston that turned into two letters used frequently in colloquial speech today.

2. Why do we use WASD to move in video games?

In this video, Vox interviews the man who came up with the idea to use WASD instead of the arrow keys in computer games, and why.

3. Why do fraternities still exist?

Vox details the history of fraternities and explains why colleges don't ban them despite some of the obvious negatives.

4. Why is California always on fire?

In light of the recent fires in California, Vox begs the question, "Why is California always on fire?" and tries to come up with solutions to this growing problem.

5. Why does my nose always look big in selfies?

This two-minute video explains some technicalities of phone cameras that explain why your face may be distorted in selfies.