5 Useful Scholarship Websites

Photo Courtesy of Lead MN, College Students Connecting for Change

As college students, scholarships are useful to cover expenses. However, getting scholarships could be a challenge. There are lots of people that apply, and it can get competitive. There are lots of good ways to find scholarships.

1. FastWeb

This website has plenty of scholarship offers based on what matches to you according to your year, GPA, and major interests. This website also offers plenty on other college aspects like internships, choosing a college, loans, careers, and financial aid.

2. Scholarships.com

This place is useful with their own scholarship directory where you can search based on age, abilities in sports or the arts, school year, student organizations and much more. It also contains a full guide to universities and colleges by state which offers information on the school, their programs, expenses, and services.

3. Niche

Niche always has a $2,000 scholarship every month that does not require anything. All students must do is register. Niche has an easy search for scholarships based on states, majors, the application process itself and more qualities.

4. Scholarship Points

This website is based on a point system. For signing up and doing various offers such as joining other scholarship sites and surveys, points can be earned to win prizes. They have a $10,000 prize drawing four times a year as well as other amounts that are lesser.

5. Collegexpress

In addition to scholarships, this site offers information on college and graduate school. They have everything from interests, summer programs, campus visits, internships to advice on graduate school and tests.

In addition to these resources, Career Services and scholarship offices at your school could help you. Counselors and staff are always available to talk and help with more opportunities. Signs, flyers, and notices on bulletin boards around the school are helpful as well.