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5 Things I Learned About College So Far!

My second semester of college is almost over! With that being said, I’ve learned so much about college in a short period. Some things remain true. 

1.) College Is What You Make It!

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The media is full of several things about what college is about. People go for several reasons, such as pursuing a degree, being popular, or partying all night long. College is what you make it. You have the power to make decisions that are best for you in the long run. I believe that everything has a season, and therefore, things will come and go. So make sure you have the confidence to seize your moment.


2.) Believe in Yourself

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You are your own best friend and your own worst enemy. It’s imperative to understand your goals and your plans to accomplish them. College is going to be tough at times, so you always have to have faith that everything will work in your favor. Please surround yourself with people who are going to motivate and push you at all times. Negative energy destroys all good things if you allow it. Also, find methods to cope with negativity. I like to listen to music, workout, and watch movies.

3.) Be Yourself

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In a world full of influences, it’s hard to be yourself. From clothes to music and education to wealth, everyone is always competing with each other to see who’s better. In college, you can’t allow social groups to change you. Find a group where you can grow into a better human being. The ones who are unique always stand out.

4.) Enjoy College

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I don’t care what you believe because these 4 years will fly by. Therefore, make sure you have fun in college. It doesn’t matter how boring or how cool your school is because you won’t get those 4 years back. Go to a party, enroll in organizations, or make new friends. My goal is to find an organization where I belong and to do study abroad.

5.) Pay Attention to Your GPA
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Your GPA matters! Some students don’t realize how your GPA can help you get internships or secure a well-paid job. I believe that you should try to always have a grade no lower than a C because you will have some challenging classes. Don’t forget that you pay for everything in college. With that being said, go to office hours, email your professors, and create study groups. There’s always a solution to every problem.


Hello, everyone!! My name is Nikiya Alfred, and I'm the events director for the UIC HER CAMPUS chapter. I’m a third-year college student from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a passion for problem-solving issues in the CPS system. As an Urban Education major with a concentration in English Language Arts, I want to explore more on Educational policy. This is the perfect opportunity for me to build relationships with other women who have a passion for writing. Please follow me on Instagram @Moondoll_7.
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