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5 Things To Do If You’re Having A Stay-cation For Spring Break 2018

1. Netflix & Chill

Since you finally don’t have class, why not relax and binge watch random movies and television shows? Invite some friends over, and watch Marvel’s Civil War or Orange is The New Black. Now you won’t have to feel bad about staying up late because you probably don’t have to get up early the next day—especially if you don’t work. Go ahead and ignore Netflix when they interrupt your favorite show and suggest that you take a break. Keep Calm and Binge Carelessly! 

2. Sleep

Turn off those annoying alarms, pull up those cozy covers, and sleep in. This is one week when you can rest up from all those exhausting all-nighters. 

3. Explore the City

Now that you’ve finally got your rest in, get up, and go outside! Visit a new restaurant, museum, or local festival.  

4. Spend time with friends and family

Try to spend at least a day or two with your loved ones. Enjoy this time with them, have fun, and just catch up!

5. Be Productive

Around Thursday or Friday, try to set some time aside to prepare for class. Get a head start on those assignments. If you’re lucky enough to not have homework—update your resume, look for scholarships, research and apply for summer internships. 

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