5 Terms and Phrases That Need to Die in 2014


"That's so ratchet" or "That's what ratchet females do" Yeah, this term just needs to disappear...forever. 

"Turn up"

This phrase wasn't actually so bad at first. Then everyone began to say it, all the time. Especially in unnecessary settings like going to get coffee or working out at the gym. We also can't forget, "Turn down for what?" Yes, RIP.


Yes, you only live once. Yes, you obviously love oreos. Yes, you obviously love One-Direction. I actually do love oreos, but One Direction? Not so much. Out with this YOLO nonsense and let's just stick with hakuna matata because it means no worries and everyone loves The Lion King.

"Long hair don't care"

Short hair don't care. Curly hair don't care. Yes, we get it. You don't care, but what are you trying to tell us?

"Cool beans"

I'm not even sure how this even started, but hey, cool beans.