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5 Stages of Finals Week

As finals are coming up, everyone is beginning to cope with it in their own way. Finals week should be compared to the stages of grief and loss for obvious reasons.


Denial & Isolation: There’s one week left until finals begin yet we all are still refusing to believe they are actually upon on. You don’t have a final until Tuesday, so that leaves plenty of time to watch Netflix, right? You keep telling yourself, “I’ll be fine on this final. I just have to maintain my grade” before locking yourself in your room to cry with Netflix and nutella for a few hours.

Anger: Now that we’ve realized there is no avoiding finals week, we start to get angry with ourselves. There was so much wasted time that could’ve been spent studying. So many missed grade opportunities throughout the semester, but here we are, still not studying.

Bargaining: It’s come to that point in the week where you’ll do just about anything to have the semester over with and get good grades. Trade your soul to the devil? Sure thing, you need the grades. Give up sleep and food for a week? Not a problem.

Depression: Now that you’ve realized you may not pass the final, you take some time to cry into your pillows. Why study if you aren’t going to pass? Might as well give up now and drop out? There’s that cosmetology school down Halsted…right? You’ve probably reached the point where you’ve called your mom crying, multiple times. But that’s alright, we’ve almost made it!

Acceptance: Well, your final is tomorrow, so you might as well study. You’ve come to terms with the situation you’ve got yourself into. If you study your butt off and don’t sleep you can maintain your grade. Besides, once you make it past these few days your responsibility list significantly declines. Remember, you can do this!


Good luck with your finals collegiettes <3 

HiiI'm Lauren- Sophomore at UIC,  girl who hates science but aspires to be a nurse. Catch me on campus looking as basic as ever, coffe and planner in hand too.Oh and I am probably the sassiest person you'll ever meet.  
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