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Everyone has probably heard of the popular saying “Squad Goals”. This often involves a picture with a group of friends wearing the same hat or something else that can effortlessly be done, but here is my list of REAL squad goals:

1. Exercise Together

Working out alone can be cool, but working out with friends is even better. Best friends can give you the push you need in the gym. Also, being together can make it more fun. 

More importantly, ya’ll are getting your bodies on fleek together.

2. Learn Something Together

As humans we should constanlty try to learn new things. Learning something new can be great to do with a friend so you have somebody to practice or discuss it with. You could learn about a language, an activity, or even a way of thinking.

3. Eat New Foods Together

Trying something new to eat can be scary, but can turn exciting with a BFF! Whether its sushi with wasabi or pizza with pineapples, you create memories.

4. Graduate Together

An individual goal is to graduate, but to graduate with your besties can be AMAZE-BALLS! 

5. Slay Together


It’s a wonderful thing to look and feel good with your squad!


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