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5 Scariest Horror Movies To Watch On Netflix This Halloween

Halloween is approaching and is the perfect time to catch up on some horror flicks. I have handpicked 5 horror films from Netflix that would without a doubt give you goosebumps and leave you awake at night. 

1. The Babadook

You might have already heard of this film since there is a lot of popularity around this certain Australian indie film. The Babadook is a psychological horror film that reveals the dark side of parenting. The film goes into the life of a struggling single mother who realizes that her son’s boogeyman is real. The film portrays a twisted fairytale and its art direction lead the audience to wonder if the dreamlike sequences in the film are real or not. The Babadook is directed by Jennifer Kent and stars Essie Davis and Noah Wiseman.

2. It Follows

The film 2014 It Follows centers on a teenage girl named Jay who has a supernatural STD that terrorizes her. If the STD monster remains within its current victim, it kills the victim viciously. The only way for the victim to be free from the STD monster is to pass it on to the next person by having sex with them. It Follows shows the dangers of teenage sex in a metaphorical way, and despite the bizarre plot of this film, it’s truly a scary and unnerving watch. This gruesome film is directed by David Robert Mitchell and stars Manika Monroe, Heir Gilchrist, Daniel Zovatto and Lili Sepe.

3. Hush

Hush is a simple, yet a gripping film that begins with a sadistic killer invading a deaf and mute woman’s house. This cat-and-mouse horror will literally leave you at the edge of the seat and pull out your hair in frustration. One of the elements that the film succeeds at is Kate Siegel’s portrayal of a vulnerable and clever woman named Maddie and Siegel has done a great job at showing Maddie’s struggle and her fight for survival. The 2016 film is directed by the Mike Flanagan.

4. Hellraiser

This 1987 horror classic definitely makes the list and has created an endless number of sequels. Hellraiser introduces you to Cenobite Pinhead who drags people down, to the pits of his own personal hell, and tortures them for an eternity, if they open an odd Rubik’s cube. This film directed by Clive Barker has gore, sex, and obsession. You’ve been warned.

5. Gerald’s Game

Mike Flanagan has done it again! The 2017 film is an adaptation of Stephen King’s 1992 novel Gerald’s Game. The film begins with a woman trapped in a remote vacation house after her husband dies. We’ve all seen way too many movies with a person ending up trapped in a small space and expect they all end the same way. I expected the film to end the same way, but boy was I wrong. Gerald’s Game is an eerie thriller that takes the audience through disturbing twists and makes you question what makes a hallucination or memory different from each other.

My name is Priya Movva. I am a freshman in UIC and my major is English. I am currently a writer for Her Campus UIC. I like dogs, photography, books, muay thai and movies. 
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