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5 Perfect Nail Polish Colors for Spring

When I think of spring, a couple things come to mind. Warm weather, Easter, and bright, pastel colors! This time of the year is always the best. We know that in a couple of months we’ll be on the beach, soaking up the sun, and everyone is in a good mood. Just recently I was at the nail salon and saw the array of beautiful, bright colors, which inspired me to write this article. I’m a big fan of O.P.I and Essie and that’s mainly where I picked these from. Enjoy and I hope you try some of these out for yourself!

1.  Coral- This color has been one of my favorites for years. I still have a dress from prom in this color that I am OBSESSED with. Coral is extremely flattering for every skin color, whether you have a nice tan or a natural glow. Whenever I see coral, I think of happy times and sun. My favorite coral nail polish is from Essie called “Come here”. This one is more of a neon coral and it’s only $8!


2.  Teal- Everyone loves this color. It always brightens up the room and you’ll no doubt get compliments with this one. An amusing fact about this color is that it got its name because it’s the color that surrounds the eye of a teal, a duck! And don’t ducks remind you of spring, just a little bit? My favorite teal nail polish is also from Essie called “In the cab-ana”. I was searching all of the blues and this one caught my eye immediately. Also, only $8.




3.  Violet- Shades have purple have always been in my interests, but there’s something about a light violet color that shows elegance and innocence. It’s a pretty and simple color that works for anyone. My favorite violet nail polish is from the Nicole O.P.I line called “Play Fair”. It has a sheer color to it which I absolutely love. If you buy it on drugstore.com, you can even save 13%, making it $6.99. Otherwise, they’re $7-8.



4.  Orange- Some people might be surprised that I picked the color orange. Although it used to be my favorite color back in the day, I don’t own one orange piece of clothing, accessory, shoe, etc. There’ something about this nail polish from the Nicole line of O.P.I that screams confidence. The color is called “Fresh Squeezed” and is around $7-8. If you ever want to try a bold color, this one is for you. It always has a shimmery effect to it which is beautiful in the sun.

5.  Light Pink- This one is an obvious choice. I have to stop myself from picking pink every time I get my nails done. I’m not as bad as my sister who has an entire room, closet, and wardrobe that’s pink! My absolute favorite nail polish of light pink is Essie’s “Good Morning Hope” color. Don’t you even like the name? This one is a very light, sheer pink and is only $8.


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