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5 Not Your Average Spring Break Adventures

Spring break is a week-long holiday that many students look forward to during the spring semester. It’s a time to relax and unwind, but also a time to give back to the community, if that is what you prefer. A few activities you could take part in are:

1. Travel and help third world countries.

Simple. Maybe you want to travel while you have the chance. You also want to help those in need all over the world. One small change can make a huge difference to those around you, whether it is in your country or overseas.

2. Help the elderly in your neighborhood

This may be boring, but the elderly have great stories of when they were your age. They also make great food. Granted not everyone on your block needs help, but it is nice helping individuals in their garden. Maybe some help around the house is what they really need. Helping out is what makes us all feel warm and fuzzy inside.

3. Volunteer at a local animal shelter

Self-explanatory; you help the four-legged citizens in your vicinity. Who doesn’t love furry friends? And, you feel good after helping them, especially since they can’t exactly speak for themselves.

4. Pick up a new hobby, and possibly start a business

Doing so keeps you busy and mentally stimulated. You might want to learn how to sew, or pickup scrapbooking family photos from years before you were born. You never know what great stories or information you’ll come across from various family members. You may even be able to start a business based on your hobby. The best part about this activity is that it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

5. Spring cleaning around the house

This is something that we all dread, but, to be honest, we could all use some thorough cleaning somewhere in our living spaces. You could reorganize your closet, deep clean your carpets, or actually wash the couch and curtains. The opportunities are endless! Good luck! It’ll probably take you all spring break, but will definitely be worth it.

Whatever you choose to do, it’s a great addition to your resume, it boosts character, and it also helps your inner-self feel better about your outer being. Spring break is about fun and adventure! Why not try something new this year?

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