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5 Muslim Owned Restaurants To Try Out

The Halal Guys 

If you are craving some classic mediterranean food for a great price, The Halal Guys is the place for you! Their platters are filled with yellow basmati rice, your choice of meat, and their famous white sauce or hot sauce. This place has a meal for everybody, including vegans and vegetarians! 

Chi Tea

I must admit, when I first heard about Chi Tea I was skeptical of their boba and chicken sandwich combination. I personally never thought to drink boba with a fried chicken sandwich, but I sure am glad that I did. The Big Bird chicken sandwich is topped with sweet pickles and coleslaw to cool down the heat of the juicy high quality chicken patty. To also help with the heat, I would recommend ordering their milk tea with tapioca. The sweet and savory combination works perfectly. Not to mention, the aesthetically pleasing background that is perfect for your instagram story. 

Holy Buckets 

Love fried chicken? Then Holy Buckets is the place for you! This local restaurant contains fried chicken meals that fill your heart with joy. My favorite is their Holy bowl with added zinger sauce. This meal consists of their well seasoned fries, their creamy mac n’ cheese, and their crispy and juicy fried chicken. It does not stop there, this bowl is then topped with their famous holy and zinger sauce. Don’t believe me? Then believe famous Tik Tok chef Ahmad Alzahabi, AKA The Golden Balance, whose famous saying, “now bismillah,” is painted onto their wall. 

Shaahi Pizza

Despite the word pizza in the name of the restaurant, you must try their burgers. I have been searching for an affordable yet delicious zabiha burger for almost half a year now, and by far, Shaahi’s has been the most flavorful. My go-to burger is the Shaahi Burger that is topped with grilled onions, that have a slight caramelization to them, jalapenos, and their signature Shahi sauce. This burger is dripping with flavor and is a great size for its price. 

Ali Baba Kabab 

Last, but certainly not least, is Ali Baba Kabab. To begin, the owners of this local restaurant are some of the sweetest people I have ever encountered. Not only do they make sure that your food is cooked to perfection, they also make sure that your experience is filled with kindness and safety. My go to on the menu has to be their chicken shawarma with a side of baba ghanoush. Being arab myself, I have had my fair share of baba ghanoush. Yet, when I tasted theirs, it felt as if I was falling in love with the dish all over again. If you live near the suburbs and do not want to drive to the city, Ali Baba Kabab is the perfect place to satisfy your mideteranian craving. 

Jennah is a professional writing major and a communications minor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She enjoys writing, reading, and researching. During her free time she loves to go on runs and binge watch romantic comedies. She hopes to become an editor for a fashion and wellness magazine after graduating. Her love for fashion stems from her mom always dressing her up and allowing her to make her own fashion choices as a child.
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