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5 Guys You’ll Meet On Tinder

I told myself I wasn’t going to download Tinder, well, then one day I was bored before classes started so I thought, hey why not give it a try. *disclamier* I’m still single so I’m not Tinder’s biggest fan. 

1. The guy you actually know in the real world

It could be your ex-boyfriend, the guy you made out with at the bar, or even your classmate’s boyfriend. Firsts things first, you screenshot it and send it to the group chat with all of your friends. Your friends tell you to swipe left, but in the back of your mind you wonder which way they swiped. After putting in way too much thought, you decide to swipe right. I mean, once they message you, you can hit them with that *ignore* them and have the upper hand.

2. The guy who just got out of a relationship

Dude we get it, you just got dumped by your high school sweetheart who you dated for five years. You are not looking for anything serious. I mean, is anyone at the age of 21? But your 250 character message you just sent me about how “you might be the most beautiful girl on tinder,” and “I’d love to grab a drink with you and maybe end up at your place?” is not convincing, and now I will unmatch us. Good luck partner. 

3. The guy who drunkenly hits you up


11 pm: Hey girl what are you up to tonight

1 am: gurlllllllll

1:30 am: Last call at the bar, you should come!

2 am: heading h0mme, meeeet me there????

2:30 am: so looonely in myyy bedddd comeee ooover!!

3 am: okayyyy your ugly ANYWAY hah bye forever


11 am: *you’re

 4. The guy who just doesn’t take denial lightly

Now I’m not trying to generalize men because you know, not all men are the same. But lets all agree that 75% of boys on tinder are pretty much the same. And for some reason, after you deny their request of coming over at 2 am to watch movies and drink beer, they get really offensive. It usually starts off playful, but with an annoying tone.

“So why are you on tinder if you don’t want to come over”

-If only I knew why I downloaded tinder in the first place.

“Why did you swipe right, don’t you think I’m cute?”

-Well, initially I thought you were cute and now you’re kind of a bother.

“Whatever, you aren’t even that attractive”

5. The guy who uses generic pick up lines

Pretty much riding the fence on this whole pick up line ordeal. Don’t get be wrong, I’m a firm believer in pick up lines being a classic ice breaker, but how many times do I have to hear if it hurt when I fell from heaven??? 

I’ve come to terms with the fact that Tinder is truly a work of art. No shade of course at any one who is trying to find true love on the app, but much shade at anyone using Tinder for a one night stand, or I mean inviting someone over for “to watch a movie, and drink beer” at 2 am. 


Arta is a junior studying communications, with an emphasis in social media. In the future she sees herself taking over for Ryan Seacrest, and becoming the next Kim Kardashian.
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