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4 Things All Quiet And Shy Girls Wish You Knew.

1. Actually we like to talk.

Although we are observant and wise about whom we open up and talk to, deep down there’s so much we want to say but are  afraid of getting rejected by others.

2. We have a whole other personality hidden under our shyness.

Believe it or not we are very adventurous and love to explore new things.


3. We are tired of getting labeled as the “quiet” one.

Although we may be quiet, we are not antisocial. Keep engaging in conversation and sooner or later, we will begin to open up little by little.


4. Our family and friends can’t get us to shut up!

We are always running our mouths about the lastest gossip or literally whatever comes to mind. 

Raven is sophomore at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She majoring in UIC college of education as an early childhood educator. She dreams of one day teaching in both private and public schools. She has a passion for young people and most importantly patience. During Raven's free time from class she likes to shop, catch up on missed shows and more SHOPPING. Raven is sometimes shy but love meeting new people - ironic!  
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