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4 Little Essentials You Need In Your Daily Life – College Fashion Week Review

EOS Organic Lip Balm- Tropical Mango

This bright and fruity lip balm is sure to keep your lips soft and moisturized! The product soothes using ingredients such as Shea butter, mango extract, and coconut oil. The ingredients have not been tested on animals and have been certified organic and sustainably sourced! It cares for your face by being paraben free, dermatologist tested, & hypoallergenic. Along with the environment, EOS also cares for your face by formulating a gentle, hypoallergenic lip balm free of harsh parabens! On top of all this, the little bright mango colored sphere is the cutest addition to your bag!

HANGables Removable Velcro Wall Fasteners

Decorating your walls can easily transform your home into a charming little space. However, you know what’s not so charming? The amount of struggle it takes to hang your favorite pictures and wall decorations, the nail holes and chipped paint from previous adhesives. With HANGables, there is no need to worry about any damage that may be done because there won’t be any! The Velcro is durable and the adhesive is long lasting, yet easy to remove from both the wall and frame surface with peel-off tabs.

Almay Goddess Gloss

With six unique and alluring shades, the Almay Goddess Gloss lipgloss is perfect for both casual daytime and nights out! The iridescent shades add a subtle yet luminous and glittery shine! The formula is creamy and applies smoothly, leaving a cushiony feel on the lips, unlike other sticky lip glosses. The Almay Goddess Gloss is sure to leave your lips feeling light and angelic!

Slouched Fold-Over Knit Beanie (in Red)

Made from a soft and stretchy material, this durable beanie can totally transform your look while keeping you warm! It’s incredibly trendy and the intense, cherry red hue will draw attention to you in the best way possible! The elasticity and breathable fabric of the beanie will stay secure on your head without being too tight or loose and will allow you to stay comfortable during almost any weather and outdoor activity. By not fraying and being able to hold up through a wash cycle, this chic fold-over slouch beanie will definitely be an excellent addition to your closet!

EOS Organic lip balm, HANGables wall fasteners & slouched beanie photos by: Sonia Alexandrescu

Almay Goddess gloss photo by: Maggie Szczodruch

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