4 Different Buns for 4 Different Occasions

1. Messy Top Knot Bun

This bun is easy and breezy for any regular day. Gather all you hair to the top of your head and wrap a rubber band around it about 2 times. Leaving out a few side pieces and baby hairs are optional but will add to the effortless look.

2. Double Bun

This cute hairstyle is perfect for a party look. Split hair into two halves, tie into separate ponytails and wrap around into buns. Loosen the buns up by tugging on the hairs to make them appear fuller.

3. Low Sleek Bun

This sleek 'do will come in handy for any formal setting such as a dance. Tie hair into a tight, low ponytail and wrap hair into bun. Use gel or hair spray along with a hard bristle brush to lay down any fly-aways and to give your hair a glossy shine.

4. Pinned Bun

This bun is perfect to wear for an intimate event such as a wedding. Curl hair and tie into a ponytail. Roll up each curl with your fingers and pin to your scalp. The more curls that are pinned, the fuller the bun will be.