4 Best Cafes To Cross Off Your Bucket List

Sawada Coffee

This cafe is perfect if you are looking for an intimate study spot, but also something that is Insta-perfect!  

Ground Up Coffee and Bites

This is a very underrated place, which is a perfect local cafe. Not only does it have one of the best vanilla lattes I have ever tried, but the atmosphere is friendly and it feels just like home.

Goddess and The Baker

This name fits this cafe perfectly. When you order off the menu, you literally feel like a goddess. There are a plethora of choices from drinks to food items to choose from.

Hero Coffee Roasters

If you're out in Chicago and you're just walking around not really paying attention, you may miss this gem of a cafe. This cafe is hidden away behind a beautiful entryway of lights. Not only is this cafe Insta-worthy, but it also serves a mean cup of joe.