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1. Having a guest spend the night at your dorm while your roommate is there

2. When you notice someone from a distance that you know, but you’re too far to acknowledge them yet

3. When you wave to someone and they don’t wave back in public

4. That awkward dance you do when you run into someone and don’t know which way to go

5. Early good-byes then you find out you’re still heading the same way

6. When you specifically tell your friend to not look at someone and then they end up turning around scouting the area

7. Stepping out of the shower in a towel and realizing you didn’t get the memo that guests were over

8. When you go in for the high-five and get rejected

9. One of your embarrassing moments in front of the whole dining hall

10. The confusion created when you raise your hand and the professor picks on the person behind you

11. When you think someone is talking/waving to you but is actually acknowledging someone else

12. When you get the wrong person’s attention

13. Accidently going to the wrong dorm room

14. When you’re on the elevator and unintentionally get off on the wrong floor

15. Forgetting people’s names that you’ve had small talk with for months

16. Witnessing a conversation between your friend and someone they know but you don’t know

17. Having a dare go completely south and getting caught in the act

18. Holding the door for someone and they end up entering through another door

19. Talking about someone loudly and then realizing they are right behind you

20. When you’re giving a PowerPoint presentation and all of the sudden you forget how technology works

21. You’re sitting in a class, scrolling through social media when you accidently click on a video and it starts playing loudly.

22. When you get called out for using your phone in lecture

23. Singing in your cluster freely and then realizing you have guests over

24. Sprinting a 100 meter dash to catch the bus and having it leave without you

25. Acting stupid in front of your crush and having your friends witnessing the whole catastrophe.

26. Getting startled on your blindside by people

27. Walk of Shame

28. Talking to your professor one-on-one

29. Taking a selfie in public

30. Waiting for someone alone with nothing to do

Irais is pursuing a marketing major at The University of Illinois at Chicago. Coming from the small country town of Harvard, Illinois, she knows there's a whole neighborhood left for her to explore. Checking off her bucket list activities is what she does in the afternoons and weekends when she’s not napping. She currently cherishes her vast music playlist, Netflix account, Pinterest boards, and her growing show collection of Chucks and wedges. Catch her trying to Penny board to class.
Clare is a sophomore at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is majoring in Marketing and planning on minoring/double majoring in Finance. In her freetime, Clare loves drinking tea, hanging out with her friends and catching up on her favorite TV shows!
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