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3 Tips To Get You Out Of Procrastination Mode

We’ve all had that feeling, folks. The dread of assignments building up and deadlines approaching, but you still can’t bring yourself to close that Netflix or Tumblr tab. You tell yourself, just one more episode of Stranger Things and you’ll get back to work. Sadly, we all know that isn’t true. Procrastination is possibly the best and worst remedy for when classes get stressful, and if you’re anything like me you probably reward yourself for doing five minutes of work with one hour of Twitter… Throughout the years I’ve managed to collect a few tips that help me quit procrastinating and get back to that assignment I’ve left undone. 

1. Find a study place

Find a place where you can study or work on your assignment in peace. This doesn’t mean the comfort of your bed though. I find myself never able to focus when I’m studying in my bed, even though being wrapped up in my blanket seems like a really comfy idea… Find a place at the library where you can spread out all your materials and sit straight while you delve in. Your workspace is very important when it comes to not procrastinating. This ideal place needs to be void of distractions and should reflect a test taking environment. Imagine yourself sitting how you would be if you were taking an exam. This way you can focus on your work and not get distracted easily.

2. Avoid your phone

Your phone is an annoying hindrance when you should be focusing on homework or studying. I find myself replying to one text and suddenly I’m having two other conversations, I’ve managed to check everybody’s Snapchat story, and my Twitter update currently reflects my sad state. First things first, turn your phone off. If you can’t bring yourself to do it, then turn off your wifi while you study. Sometimes I can fool myself into thinking I just haven’t received any notifications, so I continue my work. Turning my wifi off is the best thing I can do to myself. I get so much more work done when I’m not checking my phone every 5 minutes.  Another thing I’ve managed to learn is if I spend too much time on the internet procrastinating, I tell myself to do at least 5 minutes of work and then I can take a break. This way when I finally start my work, I often delve in and end up doing most of my work.

3. Plan out your schedule

It actually works sometimes if you can lie to yourself convincingly. It might be cliched to advise you to carry a planner, but it really works! I write all the assignments I have due, even if they aren’t due for a while just so they loom in the back of my head at all times. I also write my work schedule and how many hours I should devote to each thing throughout the day. I also recommend using your default calendar app. They let you plan out your entire day, keep track of your class schedule, schedule dates with friends and plan out the rest of your evening too.

Some of these tips might help you, some of these might just not work for you. We all procrastinate on different levels, some more benign ways than others. It’s always okay to relax and watch an episode of your favorite show on Netflix every now and then, as long as you don’t want to binge watch all seasons of Grey’s Anatomy before finals week. Just make sure you’re planning your schedule and prioritizing the items that are due soon, and you’ll be able to shed the urge to procrastinate in no time! 

Writer, college-goer, just here to help. (UIC)
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