3 "Side Hustles" To Get You Through College

The brutal truth about college is that it is very expensive. Apart from tuition, money also has to be spent on school supplies, books, and transportation. In addition, it is not so crazy to think you would want to spend some money on treating yourself as well. Aside from your main source of income, side hustles allow you to make some extra cash on the side. 

1. Sell clothes you no longer wear  

If you are anything like me, then you love to shop. Specifically, you love to shop for clothes. This can become problematic if you drop money on a new outfit, when you probably should have been saving. It is even more troubling when you accumulate a closet full of pieces that you have grown tired of. Yet a solution is here to help fashionistas make a profit from their gently used items. Stores such as Crossroads Trading Co or Plato’s Closet provide a platform for you to sell the outfits you no longer wear. All you have to do is bring what you want to sell (jewelry, clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.) to the store, where they will be appraised. Both stores will give you cash or store credit on the spot! Some tips for getting the highest value back, is to sell clothes that are in season or about to be in season. For example, now would be a good time to sell your Fall items. This is a great way to earn a little extra cash, which you will not feel guilty about spending back on clothes!

2. Sell your old textbooks 

A common complaint among college students is the high price of textbooks. Every semester, professors send out a syllabus with textbooks required for the course. When renting is not an option, you might end up shelling out money to purchase a book that you will most likely have no use for when the semester ends. A great way to earn some money back is to sell your books. UIC’s bookstore buys back gently used textbooks. According to the bookstore's guidelines, if the book is being used again for the upcoming semester, they will give you 50% cash back on the book’s price. Another option would be to use social media outlets, like your graduating class Facebook page, to showcase your collection of books and find potential buyers. Although you will not be making back what you spent on books, the extra cash is still something to help you get through the many expenses of college.

3. Tutoring 

If you are particularly good at a certain academic subject, then there is a chance you can make money by tutoring others. You can start this mini business by putting up flyers or networking through friends and family who can recommend you to possible clients. There are many benefits that come with being a tutor. First of all, your skills in the subject will become sharper from having to teach it to others. In addition, this will be something that you can put on your résumé to help improve your chances of future employment or internship opportunities. The cherry on top is that you will be making money by doing something that you are good at.