3 Ingredient DIY Face Mask

Self-care is so important to make oneself feel relaxed and confident. Often when life takes a toll on us, face masks can save the day. When I was growing up, I struggled to find skincare products that were suited for my skin because it was ridiculously sensitive. If a product was too harsh, I would get more acne or heavy redness. Therefore, I leaned towards face masks done at home and became a big "do it yourself" (DIY) fanatic.

As I grew older, I eventually found products better suited for my skin. However, this is an old time recipe that I use in extreme cases when my skin is not having it. Give this mask a try with three simple ingredients you can find at home.


*portions can be modified for one's best fit.*

Honey (2 Tbsp):

(Photo by author)

Benefits of Honey:

It's antibacterial: helps with acne prevention and treatment.

It's anti-aging: Honey contains antioxidants which help slow down aging.

It's moisturizing and relaxing: Honey leaves a softer almost baby skin like feeling to your skin.

One Lime or Lemon:

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Benefits of Lime:

It helps treat dark spots: lime is a natural bleaching agent that helps brighten the skin. However, when applying the lime, I recommend applying one to three squirts. A little goes a long way when using lime in a skincare routine.

It removes dead skin: The citric acid of the lime can help remove dead skin cells, which contributes to the skin feeling softer.

It helps unclog pores: Lime has properties of astringent, which tightens pores and reduces the production of oil on the skin.

Sugar (White or Brown) (2-3 tsp):

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Benefits of Sugar:

*Brown sugar is more suited for more sensitive skin (I just didn't have any brown sugar at the time).

*When combining all three ingredients, mix until the texture is thick.

It has glycolic acid: this acid encourages the regeneration of cells, making the skin look fresh. Glycolic acid is used to treat sun-damage or aging skin.

It works like a scrub: the sugar works as an exfoliant.

It moisturizes: sugar is identified as a natural humectant, which essentially hydrates the skin.

Application Tips!

-Wash your face with warm water prior to applying the mask to open pores.

-Use a silicone applicator to make applying the mask faster.

-Leave it on for around 5 minutes maximum. *Not suited to be left on for an extended amount of time.*

-Wash off like a Neutrogena commercial.

-Pat dry, do not rub your skin harshly.

-Leave skin as is, or apply moisturizer of your choice after.