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2013 UIC Fashion Show!

Lights, camera, fashion! This Spring UIC welcomes back their famous, highly anticipated Fashion Show hosted by WGN’s Chicago’s Best star, Brittney Payton! There have been many great shows in the past, but this show definitely has to be one of the best. This year the UIC Fashion Show decided to jazz things up and try something new by drawing inspiration from various scenes of Chicago’s eclectic and cultural neighborhoods.

With an ambitious executive board, about 16 coordinators, and around 70 models, this year’s fashion show was jammed packed with excitement, enthusiasm, and talent! But with all the glitz and glam came tons of hard work and preparation in order to make this year’s show perfection. To prepare for the show, the e-board met every Tuesday and models practiced every other Saturday.


I got a chance to take a sneak peek backstage to get a behind the scenes look on what it takes to make the UIC Fashion Show a success!

Akira reps promoting at the UIC Fashion Show!

This year’s Fashion Show included models that were all current UIC students. The clothes and accessories were donated by awesome designers from different parts of the city looking to showcase their collections! Sophomore Charan Bashir modeled for the UIC Fashion Show in the past and is now a part of the e-board. He described this year’s fashion show as having tons of energy and excitement. “There was a lot of positivity, we feed off each other’s energy and the overall enthusiasm was kicked up 10 notches.”


Check out these glamorous photos of some of the models from the Spring 2013 UIC Fashion Show:

It was their time to shine! All the models strutted down the runway with style!

All in all, this year’s UIC Fashion Show was a hit! The models were great, the clothes were cute and the overall atmosphere that night was lively. So much hard work and dedication was put into this show and the turnout was great. This year’s show will definitely be memorable and I’m sure upcoming shows will be just as fantastic!

For more information on UIC’s Fashion Shows check out their Facebook page!


Photo credits: K&N Media, UIC Fashion Show

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