20 College Life Situations As Told By Squidward Tenticles

1. When your friends are all going out, but you have an exam. 

2. When you're dancing drunk.

3. When you have to walk your drunk friend home after a night out.

4. When you're too weak to stay awake in class. 

5. When you hit the gym in preperation for summer. 

6. Checking yourself out before you go out. 

7. When your alarm goes off for your 8 am. 

8. When you go home and don't have to eat caf food. 

9. When someone asks a stupid question in class. 

10. When you finish your paper 5 minutes before it's due.

11. When you walk through a wind tunnel on campus. 

12. When you exit the bathroom after a shower and see guests are over. 

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13. When you see people with clip boards on campus. 

14. When you have to actually be an adult and cook for yourself. 

15. When you have to do petty jobs to afford college. 

16. When you go to a lame party. 

17. When you go to class and don't learn anything. 

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18. When you make fun of people with your friends. 

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19. When your forced to participate in class. 

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20. Looking through your photos after a nignt out. 

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