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2 Major Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Romance Movies

We all sit on Netflix watching these Romance/Romantic Comedies and just fall in love. We fall in love with the guys, the predictable plot, and simply, the relationships! However, these movies have a much deeper meanings than ‘boy meets girl’ and ‘happily ever after’. Let’s dig deeper with my 2 faves to watch. Warning: Some minor spoilers!

1. How To Love Myself 

from Beyond the Lights

A popstar named Noni has no control over her fast paced life and wants to escape. She attempts to take her own life by jumping off a building but her soon to be love interest, Kaz, saves her. They get to know each other and fall in love, which is a typical romance plot. However, while Kaz becomes her escape from the Hollywood life, she begins to transform into her true self. Love is a clear theme in the film, but being true to self is the more important lesson. Noni looses the straight weave and embraces her own bouncy curls. She dumps the sexualized songs for her self written lyrics that truly expresses her. She finds her self best when she is herself. 

2. Don’t Rush Things

from 13 Going On 30

Jenna is a 13 year-old girl who is in such a rush to grow up. She believes that when she is older, everything will fall into place. With wishing dust, that desire comes true and she wakes up 30 years old. She runs into the trouble of trying to figure out what exactly happened to her. Luckily, her childhood best friend, Matt, is there to fill her in on the details. While catching up Jenna falls for Matt and by no surprise, they end up together. What most people get from this movie is that love can be unexpected. However, there is a much bigger picture. Jenna rushes to grow up and realizes that being a grown up is not all it’s cracked up to be. One could learn that everything that glitters isn’t gold. Also, her life is not the best because of the decisions she chose to make. So another message people should take from this is that you should always appreciate what you have. Jenna was on the verge of losing her parents, her childhood, and Matt because she was blinded by cheap metals.

Romance movies are sappy and unfeasible chick flicks to some, but nevertheless, they are full of universal lessons about love, life, and yourself! It all comes down to your perception.


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