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14 Lessons Grey’s Anatomy Has Taught Us

With 13 seasons under their belt, most of us have grown up with Grey’s Anatomy. Whether it be out of our own interest or our mother or sister watching it in the background, we have all been hooked by Shonda Rhime’s diabolical plan to leave us all with abandonment issues. Season after season we have laughed and cried with our favorite medical residents and attendings. We have watched them grow up, f##k up, and make up, all while taking a little part of their stories with us, and no matter how much this show breaks our hearts we just cannot stop watching it.

So with all that said, in honor of Greys’ 14th season here are 14 lessons Grey’s Anatomy has taught us whether we liked it or not.

  1. The one we learned early on….Never get too attached to anyone, they’ll leave you…or die.

  2. When it comes to love, the on-call room always makes it more complicated.

  3. Height has nothing to do with the ability to get s#it done

  4. Just when you think it can’t get any worse… it absolutely can.

  5. Hard work pays off

  6. No one should go through as much BS as Meredith Grey

  7. Tequila is our favorite enemy

  8. All you really need is the Christina to your Meredith

  9. The really douchey guy is actually just sweet and haunted by a dark past.

  10. You have to be a shark in the tank

 11. Being the main character does not spare you from the Shonda’s bloody pen.

 12. When all else fails, we dance it out.

 13. Love is in the moment, enjoy it while you can

 14. Good things, don’t last forever, but Grey’s Anatomy just might.

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