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The 13 Winter Hassles of College Students

1.              Waiting in the cold for forever only to enter a completely packed bus.

2.              The fear of falling down the stairwell.

3.              The disappointment of getting salt on your new boots.

4.              Keeping track of all your winter attire in your classrooms.

5.              Fulfilling your texting needs with gloves.

6.              Coming home to realize you have damp socks.

7.              Making the crucial decision of going to class or not because of the weather.

Phot: Roberta Dupuis-Devlin/UIC Photo Services

8.              The cautious mental note of never standing near the curb in fear of getting water and snow splashed at you.

9.              The struggle behind timing your showers to avoid your hair freezing to the tip.

10.            Less motivation to go to the rec because of the fact you have to walk in the frigid cold to get there.

11.            The extra expenses that your wallet had to go through to help you stay warm.

12.            The pondering question of figuring out if someone’s smoking or if it’s just that cold.

13.            Sudden hot steaks transferring from the chilly wind to the heated lecture rooms.

Irais is pursuing a marketing major at The University of Illinois at Chicago. Coming from the small country town of Harvard, Illinois, she knows there's a whole neighborhood left for her to explore. Checking off her bucket list activities is what she does in the afternoons and weekends when she’s not napping. She currently cherishes her vast music playlist, Netflix account, Pinterest boards, and her growing show collection of Chucks and wedges. Catch her trying to Penny board to class.
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