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11 Fictional Characters I Want to Fight

1. Grey’s Anatomy – Ellis Grey

  • Uncaring and terrifying

  • Scarred Meredith from the beginning

  • Only shows up in episodes that make you cry 

2. Shameless – Svetlana

  • Stole the bar

  • Hurt sweet little Kevin

  • Evil b*tch

3. Family Guy – Ernie the Giant Chicken

  • Can’t even take on Peter

  • Seems like a fair battle

  • Literally just in the show to fight

4. Friends – Ross Geller


  • Has issues with people’s names

  • Spends most of the show complaining or divorced

5. Saw 2 – Eric Matthews

  • Can’t even play the game

  • Stays alive for 3 movies only to die

  • Isn’t even the real Eric Matthews

6. Coraline – All the parents

  • Out of 4 not a single one was good

  • Either treated her badly at the beginning or at the end

  • Creepy

7. 13 Going on 30 – Lucy Wyman

  • Worst best friend ever

  • You can totally tell she got a nose job

  • Tricked Mark Ruffalo into selling his pictures to Sparkle Magazine

8. High School Musical 3 – Sharpay’s Assistant

  • Irrelevant

  • Just someone to hate in this beloved movie franchise

  • Suck up and backstabbing

9. Victorious – Andre’s Grandma

  • Why are you screaming?!

  • There is not a helicopter in your living room it is just the ceiling fan

  • Just let him finish his song so he can let Tori sleep

10. Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide – Cookie

  • Funny but annoying

  • Has a printer in his pants

  • Only started digging Lisa after she got hot

11. Harry Potter – Umbridge

  • Does this one even need an explanation?

  • Horrid, overly pink, worst principal

  • Most hated fictional character in cinematic history

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