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10 Things To Do This Spring Break

No plans for spring break? Perfect! Here is a list of 10 things that will guarantee you a wonderful break before heading back to campus.

1. Explore your neighborhood or city. I’m sure there are great places that you haven’t reliazed were there. Do some research and see what’s happening in your city. 

2. Try a new restaurant. Step out of your comfort zone and try a new dish. You might actually enjoy it, so don’t knock it until you try it. 

3. Spend some time at the beach. Did someone say beach? Yes, the beach is a nice place to relax especially with nice weather. 

4. Go shopping! What girl doesn’t like to shop? Now that you’re done with mid-terms, it’s ok to splurge a little. How about a nice pair of sandals?

5. Hangout with your family & friends.  Use this time to Catch up on some much needed family and friend time!

6. Plan a 2-3 day trip to a different state or city.  Take a Road Trip with your friends. Spring break is the perfect time to explore!

7. Watch a new movie. With all the papers and exams, treat yourself to a movie, you deserve it!

8. Throw a party. Spring Break is the perfect time to do this! Always great to find excuses to throw a party!

9. Pamper yourself! Go and get your nails done! How about a new hairstyle? Once you arrive back to campus you will look refreshed. 

10. Get some rest. Did those all-nighers put some stress on your body?  Exactly, get some rest over break! Realzing that you don’t have that 8 a.m. on Monday morning will be wonderful. 

Raven is sophomore at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She majoring in UIC college of education as an early childhood educator. She dreams of one day teaching in both private and public schools. She has a passion for young people and most importantly patience. During Raven's free time from class she likes to shop, catch up on missed shows and more SHOPPING. Raven is sometimes shy but love meeting new people - ironic!  
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