10 DIY And Full of Love Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day is the perfect way to let your special someone remember you're still crazy about them. Buying giant bears, flowers, chocolate, and other cute gifts are all great ways to show someone you love them, but what about other wallet friendly ways? 

We can all agree that Valentine's Day isn't about the money you spend, but the thought and love that you show. Here are some ways that you can show more thought on a smaller budget than any box of chocolates can.

1. Jar of Love

Decorate a jar and fill it up with all of the reasons that you love them. Whenever they are feeling down, they can grab this jar and have an easy smile. 

2. Any Valentine themed cupcake recipe

Whip up some delicious cupcakes that are simultaneously adorable.

3. Valentine lightbulb lamp

Awe and impress them with this easy to follow directional for a working lightbulb love lamp.

4. Heart Blanket

What better time to remind your significant other that they are loved than when they are wrapped up and cozy?

5. Carved Initial Candle

A way to carve your initials so they will be reminded of your partnership every day.

6. Personalized picture candle

Make a candle that you couldn't purchase anywhere!

7. Valentine scavenger hunt

A personal favorite, this will get you two out and can end anyway you like - with a dinner, a kiss, or something more...

8. Romantic movie night basket

Full of sweets and love, a cheap alternative to movie and dessert.

9. Love coupons

Make them as elaborate or as simple as you desire.

10. Valentine's breakfast/brunch ideas

Wake them up with a delicious smelling breakfast in bed and have a stay-in-bed kind of day