Week 2: ‘No Shave November’ with Ben Dahlhaus!

In celebration of beginning 'No Shave November' last week, I had the provactive pleasure of introducing you to lumbersexual god, Brock O’Hurn.

Well ladies, I’m ecstatic to announce your sexual awakening will continue as I selected Ben Dahlhaus to be our NSN sex god for week 2.

Mr. Dahlhaus is your typical blonde-haired and blue-eyed Swede who resides in Germany.

He may be a Swedish stereotype, but we definitely think he could stand out from a crowd…shirtless.

We imagine he has profound thoughts…I mean look at the way he holds his scotch as he looks out this window pondering life, although it’s very possible he could just be mesmerized by his own reflection.

Obviously he’s an intellectual because he likes to read.

Not to mention he stays up to date with what’s happening in the world.

If it were possible for a bad boy to be suave we think Ben would take the cake. Oh what we would do to be in that gun’s position.

Yes we know smoking is wrong, but damn he has the power to make us not want to be right.

Side-note y’all, he only follows seven people and the only one we know is Rihanna. Which basically means he’s only following her, meaning we didn’t think it was possible to love him anymore than we already do.

And boys who wear flannel and just look so scruffy and rugged and hot and wow, excuse me for swooning, Ben, but you’re so damn beautiful.

Maybe if we wish hard enough we’ll wake up in his jacket... with his sculpted arms around us.

 Plus he’s a gamer? This can’t be real life.

But it is! And even though this beautiful human will never grace us with his presence, that’s okay because we can still go to bed with him every night as he lays close to our heart…

We’ll be dreaming of you tonight my suave Swede.