New Style for a Better You

by Ari Cobb

Looking good is something we all want to achieve with our clothing. A good outfit makes you feel good and helps you to feel more confident. Being put together from head to toe gives a certain confidence boast and others will take you more seriously. Ultimately, it’s about what makes you feel most attractive and what makes you feel the most comfortable. What I've been noticing among college women is that for lack of a better word, we’re incredibly lazy. Most women I see on my campus go to class on pajamas, workout clothes and flipflops. Now I’m not judging because I myself are incredibly guilty of all three of those "sins," but in the beginning of this semester I made a deal with myself that I would dress myself two days out the week. Dressing myself meaning no workout clothes, flipflops or joggers. I wanted to wear not business clothing (because I didn’t want to be that serious), just clothes that I neglect to wear in my closet all the time. I've been doing that for about three months and this is what I've gotten from that experience so far.

  1. 1. I have a LOT of clothes

    Yes, this is something that I had to learn. My biggest reason for never wanting to wear other clothing other than my selected few that I would wear all the time would be because I would tell myself that” I have nothing to go with this top or bottom.” But when forced to have to create new looks I started to mix and match with different combinations that I never tried before getting me different outfits without having to spend on new pieces.

  2. 2. Learning my likes and dislikes

    During theses few months I started noticing what I did and didn’t like in an outfit or in certain pieces of clothing. For example, I do not like wear skirts, I do not like the way they make me feel and I find them unflattering to my body. Thus, leaving me fidgeting and uncomfortable all day. As of lately I’ve been getting into the style of trousers. I find them to be classy without being to serious I can have that “put together” feeling without having to feel uncomfortable. Discovering all this is the result of me trying on different types of clothing and pairing outfits together.

  3. 3. Back to basics

    I remember when I first started looking for my personal style I would go and buy all these big and loud pieces that don’t go with anything but on their own, they were amazing, which didn’t help much. Now what I’m learning is that having those statement pieces is all right but back it up with basics. A good percent of my wardrobe now are basics such as white tee, black pants (I am a HUGE believer in the philosophy that one CANNOT have to many black pants) black shoes etc. Basics help build your outfit and overall, it’s the simplest and will help you statement pieces stand out more.

The past few months have been fun I enjoy getting ready and putting clothes that make me feel like an adult on. It gives me confidence and makes me feel as if I can conger the world.