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The Love-Hate Relationship with Short Hair

And when I say short hair, I mean short hair. From Lupita Nyong’o to Scarlett Johansson, celebrities having been making the big chop, and many women have followed in their footsteps.

While many women are loving the bold and modern look, there has also been a lot of growing out the chopped locks; take Emma Watson for example. Yes, there is a certain love-hate relationship with short hair for some girls, and here are the good, the bad, and the ugly moments with it.

Love: Easy Care

With hair this short, some days you will roll out of bed and be able to go. Other days, you’ll get bedhead, you’ll just need a comb and maybe some water. Either way, pixie hair makes getting ready a whole lot easier.

Hate: Ponytail Envy

Without a doubt, even when you love your short, there will be “ponytail envy.” You will see plenty of girls with the perfect long hair, and if it’s not that, you will see the beautifully complicated braids and the voluminous buns. You will start to see a little green envy (but remember Google is your friend to find anything).

Love: Chic Looks

Joan Juliet Buck once said, “Short hair removes an obvious femininity and replaces with it style.” No one can deny Tyra Banks looked fly when she did the chop. The short hair will help exaggerate your best facial features, spotlight your makeup, and earrings will become your new best friends. Rock it any way you want it; you’re going to look stunning.

Hate: Stylists

One of the biggest struggle with this short hair is finding the right stylist. If you don’t, you may leave regretting your decision to chop. Even when you do, there may be miscommunication, and you’ll leave cringing with a shorter cut than you wanted—which is riskier when you’re already short. A perfect cut may even make you feel a bit off, but don’t worry, you’ll love it in a couple days.

One thing is true: anyone can rock short hair. If you want to do it, do it! It’s not the end of the world if you chop and don’t like it. You’ll know how you feel, and if you love it, you found a new style!

Find out more about the truth of short hair and what you might deal with when you chop with BuzzFeed (and of course Google).


Allison is a sophomore English major and Education minor at the University of Houston. A bookworm and an artist at heart, she loves cliche quotes and all things nerdy. You can usually find her curled up on in a comfy chair or sitting against a wall working on things from her social media job at Zulees to her hopeful novel. When not glued to her phone, she loves to work with her Rotaract and Rotary club to better the community.
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