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Italian, Coffee & Tea

5211 Kelvin Dr. Houston, TX 77005

Offers: coffee drinks, teas, smoothies, wine + beer, paninis, salads, and an endless amount of pastries.

In a city like Houston there’s no shortage of coffee shops. The other day I was exploring rice village, and stumbled upon Fellini Caffé.

This is one of my newfound favorite places to go to because of its great atmosphere. They have high-ceilings, halogen lighting, and plenty of space.

It’s noisier than most coffee shops, which I didn’t mind because I had no intention of studying that day. However, if the noise bothers you there’s outdoor seating as well.

My friends and I ordered the Nutella Gelato inside a warm brioche bun. They also offer Mascarpone gelato if chocolate isn’t your thing. For $7.50 you get two pieces, which is enough to feed two people. It was a little messy to eat, but it was delicious nonetheless.

The lady there recommended the Crema Espresso  (cold rich creamy espresso mousse), and offered us a sample. We ordered it right away, and it came in a cute over-sized martini glass. In an ideal world where calories didn’t exist I would drink this every day, because it was that good.

This is a great place to catch up on a good book or just lounge around with friends.


XO, hungriman



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