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Easiest Way to Make the Perfect Dutch Braids!






Step 1:

Brush your hair!


Step 2:


Part your hair in the middle and split evenly on both sides. You may have to use a mirror to look at the back of your head to make sure your part is even!


Step 3:


Tie the left side, or right, with a pony tail so it’s out of the way when you start braiding the other side. 


Step 4:


Take your comb and grab the first couple inches of your hair along your part like so. And split into 3 smaller pieces. 



Step 5:


Begin braiding these strands like normal, maybe two or three times.




This is where you start your French braid… Begin grabbing pieces of your hair and slowly start adding them to the three original strands you begin with. 


Step 6:


It’s super important to make the top part of your braid tight! Also, when you are braiding, be sure to pull your braid UPWARDS so your braid isn’t along your hairline/ear. It should look something like this: 


It’ll take some practice before you nail it! So just be patient :)


Step 7:


Once you get to about the end of your ear, you shouldn’t have any more pieces of hair to add to your braid so begin braiding like normal! 


Step 8:


Once you have finished with one side, add a tie and start with the next! Use Bobby pins to pin back anything that sticks out. 



And voila! That’s how you give yourself two Dutch braids! Be sure to check out my Instagram to see a quick video on how to get this look > @AndreaSenior


I recently graduated from University of Houston with a degree in Teaching and Learning specialized in teaching mathematics in grades 4th-8th! Although teaching is my calling, I am also an aspiring make-up artist hoping to give tips and tricks on how to feel and look your best! In my free time I like to binge watch Netflix and waste my days watching make-up tutorials on YouTube. ♥ Follow me on Instagram: @AndreaSenior
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