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Dating in Houston: Date options in the Houston Area on a Student Budget

By Naomi Zidon


Going on dates as a college student is fun and exciting until you begin to think of your budget and then the excitement begins to fade away. The good news is that there are plenty of ideas that will not cause a dent in your wallet as a student in the Houston area. Here is a list of exciting, romantic, and cheap date ideas in the Houston area:

The Houston Zoo

You can never go wrong with the zoo. A place filled with excitement and cute animals. As a University of Houston student, you are granted free admission into the Houston zoo. The zoo also has free admission, every first Tuesday of the month from September
to May. The general admission ticket into the zoo without any type of discount is $19.95, which in my opinion is not a bad price.


There are just so many interesting museums in the Houston areas, including; The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Houston Museum of Natural Science, Holocaust Museum, Contemporary Art Museum, Menil Collection, Houston Museum of African American culture, etc. (just to name a few). The Menil collection is free and the other museums have student discounts as long as you can show proof.

Blaffer Art Gallery

Blaffer Art Gallery is a museum at the University of Houston. They
usually have interesting exhibitions. The most exciting thing about Blaffer is that it is free for everyone including non-students.


A lot of people are into beach dates, and the good thing about this is that Houston is close to the coast. Just some few minutes’ drive to Galveston, La Porte, Seabrook or Kemah would lead you to the water. This is a refreshing date destination especially during the summer.

Hermann Park

I have been to a lot of parks in the Houston area, but one that really calls for attention is Hermann park. Hermann park is a great place to have a picnic date or just a walk date. If you ever go there, I suggest carrying some bread so you can get the chance to feed the ducks and geese. The park has interesting statues, nice biking and walking trails, the Japanese garden, an outdoor theatre and a great scenery for pictures. Picnic at the park is a very romantic idea.


KGMCA is the University of Houston’s College of Arts (Katherine G. McGovern College of Arts). They usually perform and put on several shows throughout the semester including performance from the Moores School of Music, School of Theatre and Dance and Moores Opera center. These shows vary from Music to Theatre to Dance. The tickets are relatively cheap ranging from $10 – $20.

Sporting Events

Houston is a hub in terms of sports. From American football to college baseball, Houston has it all. Tickets to sporting events outside of school can be cheap or expensive depending on the sport, but as a University of Houston student, sporting events on campus are free. For a date you can always go cheer our Coogs either on the pitch or court.

As students there are a lot of things that cause a dent in our wallets. Like books, college events, food etc. A date does not have to be one of these things. A fantastic date does not have to be three figures or over.

Ariel Durham is a current undergraduate student at the University of Houston. In her free time, she likes to read books, listen to podcasts, and thrift clothes, all while eating really good food. Her favorite food is soup or dumplings or both! She also believes that the right combination of shoes and socks can make an entire outfit.
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