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Creative Gifts Under $20

For some reason all my friends happen to be born in March. It excites me because birthday parties give me an excuse to wear all the clothing I ordered online when I wasn’t supposed to. No matter how much of an advance warning I receive I always end up at the mall 10 minutes before the party searching everywhere for a gift. I usually end up grabbing a gift card, which is probably the least personal gift you can give someone.


A Lulu Lemon headband is a great gift under $20 purely because it’s the only thing in the store under $20. It’s a great gift for the friend that orders a salad at every restaurant. – $12

89% of my friends are addicted to Starbucks so it’s great that they sell these ceramic to-go mugs. They come in an assortment of designs but the XOXO is my favorite. – $13.97

For your ~artsy~ Instagram friends. – $20

For those who prefer to get high on a little more than life. – $10.45

If the kit-tea cat pun doesn’t make you laugh you’re lying. – $16

These pre-packaged gifts are a life-saver for when you’re running late and need a quick gift that makes it look like you tried. – $14.95

They come in a variety of colors, and they look great peeking out from underneath your shirts. – $20


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