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6 Difficult Daily Decisions Made by UH Students

1. Should I go to my 8am or get an extra 2 hours of sleep?

Because the answer is not as easy as you would think…


2. Should I go to the football game tonight or study for my exam tomorrow worth 30% of my semester grade?


3. I can just get up early and study tomorrow morning.

My suitemate has taken this L on numerous occasions.



4. Is it faster to walk to Chick-fil-a in the Satellite or wait in the longer-than-life line at the Student Center?


5. What am I going to major in?

Because I hear the underwater basket weaving industry isn’t doing so well.


6. Is college even worth it?


Jacqueline is a senior at University of Houston double majoring in Accounting & Management Information Systems. She is a bookworm and enjoys paintball and laser tag. When she’s not studying, she likes cheering on her fellow Coogs at games as well as spiking down unworthy opponents in friendly games of volleyball at the Rec.
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